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Advanced Certificate in Game Design

A Game Designer develops the content and rules of a video game, from concept to completion! They are also responsible for creating the concepts, gameplay, environments, and characters - as well as ensuring the various technical and artistic goals are reached to create successful games. 
The Video Game Designer Program at Dragon Valley Games allows students to connect with their passions of playing video games and challenges students with modern game creation practices. 
Those enrolled in this program study level design, scripting, environmental and asset modeling, storyboarding, mobile game development, advanced character modeling and animation.

Term 1

August 21 - Dec 15

(17 Weeks)

Term 2

January 8 - April 27 

(16 Weeks)

Academic Year 1/2

Additional Approximate Costs (Consumables) - $400 (Usb, Hard Drive, Books, Software Licenses)

Financial Assistance:

There are many financial resources for students attending school. Please visit your financial institution or call/email the studio for advice.