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Computer Arts and Design Program

1 Year - Fast Track

Game Designer Advanced Certificate!

A Game Designer develops the content and rules of a video game, from concept to completion! They are also responsible for creating the gameplay, environment, characters, storyline, and characters - as well as ensuring the various technical and artistic goals are reached to create successful games. The Video Game Designer Program at Oxford College allows students to connect with their passions of playing video games and challenges students with modern game creation practices.

Students enrolled in this program study level design, scripting, environmental and asset modeling, storyboarding, mobile game development, and advanced character modeling and animation. Software used in this program includes Unity, Unreal Engine, 3ds max, maya and Mudbox and many more!

Graduates from this program are likely to gain employment as level designers, game testers, animators, 3D asset or character modelers, riggers, concept artists or programmers but may also be employed as graphic designers, architectural visualizers, and layout artists. They are likely to seek employment in game, television or effects studios, but may also be self-employed as freelance artists.

Term 1

January 9 - March 31

Term 2

April 10 - June 30

Term 1

Graphic Design
Creative Writing
Video Editing
Programming 1

Website Development
Sound Design
Game Design

Term 2

Programming 2

CD/DVD Authoring
Website Development
Sound Design
Game Design 2