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Computer Arts and Design Program

1 Year - Fast Track

Advanced Certificate in Computer Arts and Design

Computer Arts and Design at Dragon Valley Studios explores the creative avenues that combines digital art and technology. This program is an introduction to a wide range of digital mediums from Art & Design, Music & Recording, Film & Television, Games, Media & Communications, Web & Technology and Architectural Design. After completing this course students are able to identify what their strengths and true passions are, and have a strong sense of their future career goals. In addition to this, the learner is required to create a strong demo reel, portfolio and personal website, that will help power them to the next phase of their education or career.

Term 1

January 9 - March 31

Term 2

April 10 - June 30

Costs - January Start 

$985.00 - January 9 - March 31 (Term 1 - Fulltime/Fast Track)

$985.00 - April 10 - June 30 (Term 2 - Fulltime/Fast Track)

$1970 + HST (13%)



Additional Approximate Costs (Consumables) - $400 (Usb, Hard Drive, Books, Software Licenses, Web Space)

Financial Assistance:

There are many financial resources for students attending school. Please visit your financial institution or call/email the studio for advice.