Kids Classes in MineCraft and Games!

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PA Days/Holidays
• May 22 - Victoria Day       • June 9 - PA Day

Students Learn

- 3D Character Creation MineCraft/Roblox/Pokemon  Themes

- MineCraft Modding

- Photoshop

- Custom items such as Blocks, Armor, Biomes, Weapons, Items and Mobs

- Playing your mod 

- Building a Game Level

8:30am - 3:30pm

Ages 8-14

Cost: $34.79 + HST =



Children enjoy fun, interactive and co-operative activities during school Holidays or PA Days!

Students have a chance to develop new skills that help them design and build their own creations, while having an amazing opportunity to make new friends and create cool content!

These kids camps offers a unique opportunity to dip into the realm of game creation using some of the most powerful and popular 3D and game development tools on the planet!